Community Nourishment Share Membership

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Community Nourishment Share Membership

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The Community Nourishment Share is a way to purchase your annual Veggie Box membership AND share the love by providing additional financial assistance for Kamayan Farm to offer reduced cost visits for community-based organizations, workshop scholarships, and continuing to build a robust farm model.

The Community Nourishment share is a response to many of your generous offers to help support the work that Kamayan Farm does. In choosing this option, you will help support our ongoing efforts to reconnect people to land, culture, and a sense of resilience that is reflected in the farm ecosystem.

In addition, you will receive a weekly box filled with a colorful array of seasonal vegetables. You can choose from a Half Share (4-6 veggies per week) or a Full Share (6-9 veggies per week). The amount of items varies slightly each week depending on what's ready throughout the season.

As part of your membership, you will also receive:

  • a weekly newsletter with updates from the farm, a list of what's in the box, and tips for how to best utilize your loot

  • access to local, monthly add-ons that will vary by season, including: honey, flowers, wreaths, handmade herbal products, etc.

  • an invitation to a summer Open House with a tour, picnic, and fun activities

  • early priority subscription for next year's Veggie Box

  • An End-of-the-Year report with a summary of the year's workshops, successes, and lessons-learned

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