Full Share Membership

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Full Share Membership


An abundant weekly share with a colorful array of seasonal vegetables. The number of veggies will vary from 6-10 each week depending on what's ready throughout the season.

This share is designed for 1-2 heavy-duty veggie eaters that cook most of their meals at home or 3-4 folks who like veggies and cook a few meals per week at home. 

As part of your membership, you will also receive:

  • a weekly newsletter with updates from the farm, a list of what's in the box, and tips for how to best utilize your loot
  • access to local, monthly add-ons that will vary by season, including: honey, flowers, wreaths, handmade herbal products, etc.
  • an invitation to a summer Open House with a tour, picnic, and fun activities
  • early priority subscription for next year's Veggie Box
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