A Bug's Eye View

From July 12th, 2016

I spent this past weekend away on the Oregon coast and returned to a completely different farm on Monday. Heavy rains and warm weather contributed to an unbelievable surge of growth in just a few days. Many of the areas that were neatly weeded are now a full grown jungle and walking through them feels reminiscent of the film “A Bug’s Life.” As frustrating and alarming as it can be, the sheer life force of the farm is awe-inspiring. I’ve been trying to plant beneficial plants like phacelia, buckwheat, and calendula between, within, and around the veggies to create pads for
beneficial insects, pollinators, and frogs. Those plants are now doing great but it can be a bit of a maze to navigate when harvesting. Still, I can’t think of a more humbling experience than going to an office each day that not only doesn’t require my presence but oftentimes prefers my absence.