From July 25th, 2016

Holy moly. We are really in it now! Great friends have really showed up for the farm right when I needed it. This past week, my buddies Jona and Ross made returns to the farm and swooped in to help just when I needed it most. Ross has been invaluable in helping me harvest for the veggie boxes on Mondays - green beans can be incredibly tedious or meditative, depending on your disposition. Jona came out to the farm in the drizzle on Friday and helped overhaul a huge part of the field to make way for new fall plantings. We regretted not taking a before and after picture but, let me tell you, it was SO satisfying!

I’ve also been getting some extra help from a friendly garter snake (see photo at right below) that camps out in the hoophouse and frightens me nearly every time I walk through to check on the tomatoes.

This past week I also got to be a clean person and put on a white shirt to go facilitate a workshop with Ross on Race, Class, and Gender in the Food System. The workshop was for eight young people of color who are interning for United Way of King County to put on their free summer meals program. They were so thoughtful and had some awesome ideas about how to create a more just food system, including “giving people more resources to pay for food, supporting working moms, and protesting!”

I’ve been enjoying the fullness of the farm lately. Flowers are blooming everywhere, bees are abuzz, some plants like broccoli are starting to reach their final flowering stage with the advent of the heat, and new summer crops are beginning to fill in.