Make up your mind, weather!

From Tuesday July 5th, 2016

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, we had a joke in our family that summer always started on July 5th. We always inevitably celebrated the 4th of July under heavy cloud cover or in the rain and would wake to the first sun of summer. Although today was similar, I can’t help but feel like summer has given way to spring this year. The early heat has waned and the cooler weather is making plants like peas and lettuce happy. Others, like tomatoes and peppers, are a bit more confused but growing nonetheless. These tomatoes on the right are a family heirloom from Ross Kirschenbaum, one of the great farm helpers. As a birthday present last year, Ross gifted me some tomato seeds that he’s and his ancestors have safeguarded for generations, and am so excited to watch them grow on the farm this season. With much luck, they will be a part of your Veggie Box in the near future.

This past week I was able to spend some time out gathering plants with my friend Reisha. Together we harvested plants like St. John’s Wort, Red Clover, and Self Heal while snacking on thimbleberries and salmonberries, chatting about our lives and what it would be like to have the farms of our dreams. It was a great chance to slow down and remember that the reason I do the work that I do is because plants are often a simple point of connection. They help me to better connect to myself and often to better connect and care for those that I love.