Dandelion Orange Bitters


Dandelion Orange Bitters

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The sweet and earthy combination of dandelion root and orange creates a surprisingly pleasant experience for something called a "bitter."

If you’ve ever encountered a particularly sour or bitter food, you might notice that it makes your mouth water or pucker just thinking about it. This response is part of the magic of bitters.

When taken before a meal, bitters signal a chain of command that tells your brain, nervous system, and stomach to ready themselves for a nourishing meal. For those of us who often eat on the go or in front of a TV or are generally distracted, adding bitters into your routine can help prepare your body to accept and digest the food you’re consuming.

Bitters also aid in the detoxification of the liver which processes toxins, hormones, and other metabolic waste. I often take these bitters when I have a headache or migraine to quicken its departure.

Ingredients:  Organic vodka, dandelion root*, organic orange peel.

*Grown or wildcrafted by Kamayan Farm

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