Interested in hosting a Veggie Box Pick-Up Site at your office, home, or business? Please read the following information below about what it takes to make a great pick up spot:

  • Pick up times occur on Tuesday evenings between 5:30 and 9 pm from mid-June through late October (20 weeks)
  • Sometimes the veggies will be dropped off as early as 4 pm
  • Pick up site needs to be in a secure or covered location with evening shade (5-9 pm)
  • As a site host, you are responsible for any boxes that aren't retrieved which can mean bonus veggies for you or your neighbors, food bank, etc.
  • Empty, flattened boxes will be left at the location until the following Tuesday. It's ideal if you have a space where the boxes can stay covered, protected, or stored. Please let me know if you have any requests about how they are stored below.
  • You are committing to be a site host for the entire 20 week period. Please make sure that you can commit to this without any hesitation.
  • I want this to be a convenient and pleasant experience for you! If you experience problems throughout the season, I want to know as soon as possible so I can quickly resolve them. You will have my full contact info.

If you're still interested, please enter information about yourself and the potential site below. I'll review it and get back to you shortly with any questions!

Thank you!

Ari / Kamayan Farm

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Site Address
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Things to consider: parking spots for drop-off, space for 8+ small boxes, type of cover, etc.