The Veggie Box is a form of Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) in which people like you help provide financial support at the beginning of the farming season when I incur the bulk of my expenses buying seeds, equipment, tools, and more. In return, you receive supremely fresh, local veggies and become part of a community of people invested in sustaining a small, local business and woman-run farm. It's also a unique opportunity to get more acquainted with your food, know who and where it comes from, and learn how eating with the seasons impacts your body.

As a member, each week you receive:

  • a delicious, just-harvested box of vibrant veggies with a variety of 6-12 items, depending on your box option

  • a weekly newsletter with updates from the farm, a list of what's in the box, recipes, and tips for how to best utilize your loot

  • an invitation to a summer Open House at the farm with a tour, picnic, and fun activities

  • access to local, monthly add-ons that will vary by season, including: honey, flowers, wreaths, handmade herbal products, etc.

Dates + Pick Up Locations

The Veggie Box runs for 18 weeks from late June 25th to October 22nd. Pick up will be available on Tuesday evenings from pick up sites in:

  • Ravenna (NE 65th St and 22nd Ave NE)

  • North Beacon Hill @ The Well on Beacon (Beacon Ave S and S Stevens St)

Share Options

  • Community Nourishment Share: Sliding Scale option from $650 - $1000 for a Full Share or Half Share

    While we work hard to provide produce at prices that are affordable, we offer this option for people who are able to provide additional financial support. Your funds will go towards offering reduced-cost group visits, workshop scholarships, and building the overall sustainability of the farm. Community Nourishment Shares mirror the resilience of the land; it demonstrates that an ecosystem can balance itself when all the organisms support each other.

  • Abundance Share: $775 for a weekly share of 10 - 15 vegetables/week

    This share is made special for our friends who live in large or cooperative houses who want larger quantities of veggies each week with less variance. We’ll pack you an abundant box to fill many bellies and make it possible to have enough veggies for big meals.

  • Full Share: $600 for a weekly share with 6 - 9 vegetables/week

    This share is designed for 1-2 heavy-duty veggie eaters that cook most of their meals at home or 3-4 folks who like veggies and cook a few meals per week at home. 

  • Half Share: $425 for a weekly share with 4 - 6 vegetables/week

    This lighter share is designed for 1-2 people who cook a moderate amount of veggies every week or 3-4 people that want to have a couple home-cooked veggie dishes per week. 

How to Purchase

I prefer people pay by check to avoid credit card processing fees. Members can also purchase a veggie box share with a credit card online. There is an option to pay for your share in two equal installments through the “Pay with Check” option below. The first payment is due with your initial application. The second payment is due by July 15, 2018.

Please note: your membership will only be secured upon payment. 

If you're interested in making a veggie box donation or purchasing a box as a gift for someone else, please contact me.

Sample Fall Box

  • arugula/spinach

  • brussels sprouts

  • broccoli

  • winter squash

  • bok choi

  • beets

Sample Spring Box:

  • napa cabbage

  • broccoli

  • kale

  • radishes

  • snap peas

  • salad mix

Sample Summer Box:

  • mixed heirloom tomatoes

  • peppers/eggplant

  • basil

  • green beans

  • chard

  • carrots

  • tomatillos

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