Kamayan Farm sits just 25 miles east of Seattle, Washington, in the magical Snoqualmie Valley. Kamayan Farm is a small vegetable, medicinal herb, and education farm. We seek to support our land and our communities to be healthy, diverse, and resilient through participatory workshops and by creating food and plant medicine that tells a story.

The word kamayan is Tagalog for "with hands" and refers to the traditional Filipino style of eating food with your hands. It is a reminder of the intimate connection between ourselves and our food, the joy of a large meal cooked with love and shared with family, and survival of culture through food.

Photo Credit: Audra Mulkern

Photo Credit: Audra Mulkern

Ariana de Leña

Ari is the owner/operator of Kamayan Farm. As a queer, mixed filipina land worker, she is inspired by the ways that growing food can be an act of resistance. Ari's work with Kamayan Farm is deeply informed by the injustices and resilience that she witnessed during a decade of working alongside low-income communities and communities of color. Building Kamayan Farm is an experiment. It is driven by a vision to (re)connect communities with land and to collaboratively share cultural stories through food and medicine.

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